Week 1: Spending Diet


Well, we made it through the first week on our Spending Diet.  This was my husband’s first week back to work after a 2 week vacation over the holidays.  There were definitely a few nights where I was tempted to order out because I was exhausted from the day, but I stuck to my guns, and we either had leftovers or sandwiches.  Not gourmet, but it saved us some money.

So here’s the breakdown for this week – this does not include any monthly bills:

  • Gas (for the Corolla): $30.01
  • Groceries & Household Items: $47.04 (This includes the purchase of 3 humidifier filters for $21.57 which is a must for the baby through the winter.  I did get a 10% discount and free shipping from Kaz.com though!)
  • Pet Care: $28.35 (This is for our monthly purchase of cat food and cat litter, so as it seems like a lot, it’s for the whole month.  We are slowly, but surely, introducing a new, much cheaper cat food.  I can buy this particular brand in bulk from our local Sam’s Club, and the cats really seem to enjoy it.)

Grand Total: $105.04

 If we would have eaten out, or if I wouldn’t have used my coupons when grocery shopping, this would have been a lot higher.  I also finally decided to start purging a few of my personal items and put them up for auction on eBay.  I can proudly say that (before fees) I’ve made $146.25 in just one week!  So essentially, I’ve paid for this week’s expenses and have $40.85 left over. 

 Next week’s goals:

 I also wanted to thank Amy from Amy’s Finer Things and Gaby from Domestic Goddess Musings for their kind words of encouragement.  It’s nice to have support when you’re turning your spending world upside down 🙂


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