Husband & Chef


So as I was kneading our homemade pizza crust last Saturday, it dawned on me that I am now cooking every night.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love to cook.  I also enjoy eating out and especially enjoy the luxury of good food and great service.  During this time in my life, watching after my little one and trying to keep up with everything else is exhausting.  

I am lucky (and very thankful) to have a husband who 1) isn’t afraid of the kitchen and 2) who can cook if he has some direction.  So as I was theraputically kneading the pizza dough, I started to think about how I could alleviate some of my stress and get him active in the kitchen.  I came up with an idea.  Why don’t I give him the responsibility of making our dinner one night a week?  He would have a whole week to think about his meal and then let me know what we need from the grocery store.  I would get a break from cooking, and he could contribute his tastes to our menu.  So….about 2 hours before dinner on Sunday, I mentioned it to him.  He seemed to think it was something he could do, and I think giving him complete creative control over his dish made it more appealing.  As a practice run, he agreed to make dinner for us that night.  We had cheeseburgers and roasted potatoes.  I gave him a bit of guidance with the potatoes (oven temp, seasoning ideas) but he did all the rest, and they turned out wonderfully!  

This week’s meal is something his mother used to make when he was a child.  He’s not sure if it was a creation of hers or a common British sandwich.  He calls it a Cheese Dream which is bascially various types of cheeses that melt well between slices of bread that are then dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and then cooked on the stovetop.  Sounds kind of like Croque-Monsieur without the ham.  He’s pairing this sandwich with some leftover Cheesy Potato Chowder.  I’m excited 🙂   

So mission accomplished!  My husband is now playing an active role in preparing our meals and keeping us away from convenience foods.


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