Week 5: Spending Diet


This weather is making for some great cooking & baking days 🙂  I’ve made homemade biscuits, homemade Chicken Pot Pie, zucchini bread, lots of baby food, and I’m getting ready to try out some made-from-scratch Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread.  I will also be testing out a mock Girl Scout cookie recipe – stay tuned for the results!

I’m also still working on my kitchen deep clean.  I would love to devote a whole day to just cleaning the kitchen, but let’s be honest, 1) That sounds like an awful day and 2) My 4 month old baby would simply not allow it!  So I’m doing small tasks here and there.  The big events will be: cleaning the oven, cleaning & sanitizing the fridge, and hand-scrubbing the floors.

Confession Time!  I had a take-out meal Friday night.  It was free 🙂  I had a very basic Fish & Fries meals from our local Captain D’s because I had received a coupon for joining their D’s Club.  They email you a coupon for your birthday and one for signing up too!  It was the first fast food I’ve had all year; I savoured each and every bite – then had to down a bucket of water due to the salt content – It was worth it!!  

Here’s the spending breakdown for this week:

Baby Supplies: $135.89 (All for formula – My son’s on a special hypo-allergenic formula due to possible food allergies – It costs about $170 per month.  It’s all worth it though – he’s now a happy eater and his tummy troubles have disappeared.)

Groceries & Household Items: $57.32 (Dierbergs had a most awesome sale on ground turkey this week – just $1.97 per pound.  That’s cheaper than what I can buy ground beef for at Sam’s, so I bought 10 packages.  This gives me a protein source for 10 meals for $19.70 – good deal indeed!)

Pet Care: $9.99

Grand Total: $203.20

I wouldn’t say this was a great savings week, but I did stock up on my baby’s super-expensive formula from Target before the snow storm and haven’t had to trek out for more yet.  I was very happy to stock up on ground turkey even if it did push my grocery total up.  The best part was that it was pre-packaged in 1# containers – makes my life A LOT easier. 

We’ve also done a second scan of our sellable items for eBay while listing items auction-style is still FREE – I’m happy to say we will have a nice chunk of added income for next week!


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