e-Guide to Grocery Ads


So as I’ve mentioned before, my family recycles.  Our city has an excellent recycling program that takes everything from plastic containers to car batteries.  I’ve also mentioned that mail-related clutter is the enemy in my house and when I’ve looked at the grocery ads for the week, they promptly go in the recycling bin. 

Last week I made the mistake of throwing them out a bit too early and when my husband took out the trash and recycling, my ads went too.  Soooo…I started doing some poking around online and discovered that I can view all the ads very easily on the grocer’s websites. 

I figured that this is a back-up option for the furture, but it may be an easier option all together for other shoppers looking for a deal.  So here are the links I found most useful:

I’ve also discovered that a lot of these stores allow you to sign-up for “Sneak Peak” emails that give you a look at the next week’s ad for some early planning.


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