Product Review: Purex Complete Crystals


 So if you’ve read my post on laundry, you know I don’t use traditional fabric softener for many reasons.  It’s mainly the cost, but I also don’t like the what I’ve read about the effects of using oil-based fabric softeners on infant bedding and clothing.  It can diminish the flame retardant components and that aside, we have sensitive skin in my family and the last thing I want to have on my hands is a baby with an uncomfortable rash 😦  I use vinegar and baking soda as a natural alternative to the traditional brands.  It works great, and I get it for a great prices when I buy it in bulk. 

I was recently asked to try a new type of fabric softener and I thought I’d give it a try.  I was a little dubious, but I had a free sample so why not? 

Product: Purex Complete Crystals

Price: $4.69 for 32 Loads

Scents: Lavender Blossom, Fresh Spring Waters, Tropical ( I tried Lavender Blossom and Fresh Spring Waters.)

How you use it: Add crystals to washer with detergent

Rating: ★ (on a scale of ★ – ★★★★★)  I didn’t think the softness it provided was any better than my vinegar and baking soda combination. 

Pros: Easy to Use, 92% Natural, Safe for Flame Retardant Clothing

Cons: Powerful Scents, Effectiveness, Price 

Here is some product information that Purex sent with the free sample.  If you click on the image it will open another window and allow you to zoom in. 


Question for the Readers: Have you tried Purex Complete Crystals?  If so, what scent did you buy, and how did you like it?  If not, is this a product you’d be interested in purchasing if you had a coupon for it?


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