Whoa, Baby!


Avery enjoying a lunch of Vegetable Beef Pilaf.

So my in-laws have departed for home in the UK, my husband has gone back to work, and I am surviving a newly crawling 7-month old who has changed into a different baby in the last few weeks.  My son is now not only crawling, but pulling up on everything he can find, opening and closing drawers and cabinets (baby proofing weekend, anyone?), and often insists on feeding himself.  I’m still kind of flabbergasted that he has changed so much in the last few weeks!

We’ve also now put him on a different brand of a milk-based formula in hopes that this one will work.  He tried yogurt a week or so ago and absolutely loved it with no adverse effects.  Most of the lactose in yogurt has been eaten by the bacteria, so it generally doesn’t affect those that are lactose intolerant.  We are now hopeful that his milk-based formula will not be an issue.  I also chose to skip on the aseptically packaged flavored yogurts in the baby aisle and opted for plain, natural yogurt from the dairy section.  I’m flavoring it with pureed fruits such as peaches, bananas, apples, and/or prunes.  He doesn’t seem to mind a little tartness, and I feel good about skipping out on all the added sugar. 

He’s also now eating cubes of cooked veggies, wheat toast fingers, chunks of banana, and has taken a few sips of apple juice (100% juice, no added sugar.)  We’re giving him some more time to adjust to his new formula before we introduce any new foods.  I have the following lined up for the very near future: spinach, cherries, turkey, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, papaya, and lots of other yummy foods 🙂

I’m still making some of his baby food, but I’m also getting some help from Earth’s Best Organic for a few meat-based dishes and snacks.  I want to point out that we are not an “Organic Foods Only” family, but we find that Earth’s Best combinations and the actual smell and taste of their food is fantastic.  I’m finding it hard to buy those ever-popular cheese-puff type snacks from Gerber though – especially when he’s such a big fan of fruits, veggies, and whole grain alternatives.  We do buy a few vegetable and fruit purees from Gerber as Avery really enjoys them.

What are your children’s favorite snacks?  And if you don’t have children, do you remember what your favorite snacks were as a child?  I would love to hear from you!


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