Overhaul: Spending Diet


I realize that I haven’t made a post regarding my family’s spending diet since the end of March.  I bet you’re wondering if we gave up or maybe we realized it wasn’t worth it?  We didn’t give up, and it’s soooo worth it 🙂

My husband’s parents came for an almost two-week visit in April, and I started a new part-time job at the beginning of May working one night a week and Saturdays.  So for the moment, we’re using May as reevaluation time and the revamping of the budget begins June 1.  (Well, a bit before that – whenever we get a second to breathe!) 

Even though we don’t have a written budget for May, we’re still planning our meals in a bi-weekly fashion, using coupons paired with ads to get the best deals, not eating out, and just being generally frugal.   

Look forward to monthly update posts combining our budget and spending diet news instead of weekly or bi-weekly posts.  I’m setting goals to try to make a daily post to my blog, but sometimes, this isn’t possible.  I’m going to try though!  I’ve printed my calendar and am brainstorming ideas for posts.  I really want to include more recipes, but I feel like I need pictures of the finished items and that depends on the meal plan.

So while the planning session is active, what posts do you want to see?


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  1. Definitely recipes! I love everything you’ve ever made, so I know you’re a great chef. Also, more pics of that cute baby (only if you’re comfortable posting them of course…I know the internet is scary sometimes).

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