The Great Baby Chase


"Look ma! One hand!"

The most popular word in our house right now: NO! 

Our current age-appropriate (8 months) tactic is saying a firm “No” and relocating and/or distracting Avery away from the “No” zone.

His favorites right now are:

  • attempting to chew on the door stoppers screwed into our trim
  • opening the drawers in our end tables to see the pretty batteries (!)
  • spilling the contents of the cat food bowls (no eating just yet)
  • tugging on our curtains
  • assaulting anything with buttons
  • investigating anything and everything in our hall bathroom
  • chasing the cats (my personal favorite)

I’ve been told by several people that it’s time to “baby-proof” our house.  What appeared in the beginning to be an easy concept is becoming a daunting one. 

When he started to crawl, my dad assisted us in promptly installing a baby gate at the top of the stairs that lead to our basement.  So dramatic tumbles down the stairs are not a concern for those of you that are worried!

We’ve also purchased some foam corner protectors for the sharp-edged furniture in our living room that just happens to be at baby eye-level when he stands.

What seems to be overwhelming to me is the installation of cabinet and drawer locks, toilet locks, the puzzling question of how not to starve the cats and keep the boy out of their food, a few other specific-to-our-house issues, and the worry that I’m forgetting something crucial.

The market seems to be flooded with gadgets, crazy gating systems (my son is NOT livestock!), multiple books, and of the opinions that come with the aforementioned overload of baby-proofing STUFF.

I need your help, readers.  I need ideas and your trusted opinions on what YOU found necessary in your home during this adventurous time I refer to as “The Great Baby Chase.”

So let me have it – this baby-proofing adventure needs to begin…like yesterday.


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  1. So we the toliet locks and the cabinet/drawer locks and that was it! Everything else she learned from constant ‘no’s and redirection what she could and couldn’t play with. It was simpler in my opinion than babyproofing every surface and object. It was a learning process for her and that can never start too early!!

  2. I have to agree with the above post. It’s much easier, and a better lesson for them, if they learn the lesson “no” early on. I definitely don’t mean not to put a stairway gate up, of course. That would be awful. But things like cat food (or dog food in our case) was left out. We redirected with a firm NO and then moved them along in a different direction. I would also be careful with any long cords near blinds. I’ve heard horror stories about children getting strangled by them. Germany fortunately has rolladens.

  3. Lol… I’m a cattle herder… We bought a 6 sided gate and I don’t know how I could do anything without it. I don’t enclose him in it, I just have to block off a good section of the living room with it since he is OBSESSED with cords, and with my husband so into gadgets and electronics there is a lot of crap Ethan can get a hold of.

    But to be fair I am home most evenings by myself and I have an almost 5 year old that is at times more work than Ethan. I didnt use anything baby proof wise other than corner pads on the fireplace and outlet covers with my daughter but it was a lot easier then since there was only one kid and all my attention could be devoted to her every move. A lot changes when there’s 2 of them!

  4. You are doing a great job – and he’s on the go early! I honestly found the best way to babyproof was to try to have everything I didn’t want touched out of reach. What they could reach – they could touch (strictly in their own house – not other people’s) It saved a few “Nos”. If he opens a drawer and finds something of his in it – he will also learn not to trap his fingers in drawers!
    Obviously cat food would still be a big “No!” 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m not sure how we would conceal and the pretty buttons on the entertainment center stuff, but he’s learning what “No!” means very quickly. I definitely like the idea of giving him his own drawer – we may even give him his own cabinet in the kitchen for plastic bowls and spatulas 🙂

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