My Little Fish


My First Swimming Pool Adventure

I remember when I was 9 years old and my mom signed me up for swimming lessons at the local pool. It seemed like it would be a fun and exciting, but I was still nervous. Even today, I’m not one for being examined in front of others (and really, how many of us can say we are?) so the thought that I had to learn things and be critiqued was kind of daunting.

I had always been a fan of being at the pool. I knew I couldn’t go out to the deep end because I’d sink, but I don’t think I was aware that I couldn’t officially swim. I knew how to dog-paddle, and I really thought that’s what swimming was.

Avery has always been a HUGE fan of water.  He has kicked and splashed and shown signs of extreme excitement during his baths since day 1.  I knew it was crucial to get my little fish in a pool at an early age so he could learn to swim. 

When our local recreation center called the “Rec-Plex” released its summer classes and camps, I registered him for an indoor infant swim class as soon as their online system would let me.  (These classes have a maximum of 8 children per class and fill up extremely fast.)

We bought him a pair of swim trunks (see above – aren’t they cute?), a pack of swim diapers (I scored an amazing deal at Walgreens a few weeks ago and got 11 of them for $2.99), a tube of SPF 55 sunscreen, and he has a sun hat with SPF 50 built in.  Ready to swim!

We are very lucky and live at the entrance to a city park that has a really nice swimming pool.  And it just so happens that the weather was perfect for swimming this past weekend, and the pool was open. 

We lathered ourselves with sunscreen, dug out or bathing suit and swim trunks, loaded the car with the necessary supplies, and made our way to the pool. 

The kiddie pool was empty when we got there and for a good reason – the pool crew seemed to forget to skim all the wonderful bugs out of it – ick. 

I did a visual scan of the “big pool” filled with LOTS of screaming, splashing children and decided we could sit on the stairs leading into the pool without too many distractions.

The water was pretty chilly, but our little fish was a trooper and once we got him in, he had a blast.  There was a lot of frog kicking, lunging forward, and his own cute version of splashing.

I’m confident that our decision to acclimate him to water early is a very good idea.  We fully intend on keeping him enrolled in swimming classes/lessons until he’s an expert little fish.  I feel that this will teach him to not only to swim, but it will give him a sense of respect for the water.  Safety is my number one motivation in this adventure. 

I would love to know your thoughts on learning to swim and what equipment (floaties, boogie boards, goggles) and pool toys you find to be worth the investment.  Have any of you visited the pools yet this year?   



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  1. I think taking him swimming young is excellent! No ‘fear factor’. He’ll learn in no time and may never need ‘floaties’. See how his eyes do. Can one get baby goggles? I can’t see him keeping them on!

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