Standard hosts coupon codes for discounts and free shipping, printable coupons, and news of current deals for over 90,000 retailers.

This is my go-to site when I’m looking for an online coupon code for an extra discount or free shipping.  I give the database a quick check anytime I’m ordering anything from an online retailer – just in case.  I’ve scored free shipping, additional %’s off my total, and sometimes both. 

It’s super simple layout makes it quick and easy to snag a deal.  You simply go to their website, enter your retailer, and then scroll through the list of available discount codes and printable coupons. 

What I love about this site is that users actually get to tell you whether or not the coupon was successful for them.  Each coupon has a % rating, so an 85% success rate lets you know that 85 out of 100 people that attempted to use the coupon were successful. 

Each retail vendor’s coupon code page also has a bright red heart at the top letting you know how much the average savings are per coupon – Love it!

They also have interesting articles on their online magazine called The Retail Me Not Insider.  I recently found an article titled “Bad Buys, Good Buys: Five overpriced items for kids and what you can buy in their place” that I found very interesting.

If you’d like a weekly email that fills you in on the top coupons, you can sign up for their newsletter.  I didn’t choose this option, but if you shop online a lot, it might be worth your time.

Here are some of my favorites retailers and their current discount codes:

So if you’re an online shopper, check out and save some of your hard-earned cash!


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