Free Samples: This Week’s Requests


I’ve definitely jumped on the free sample bandwagon!  Not only do I love getting to try products I wouldn’t normally dish out money for, but I get high value coupons to use if I do like them.  Once you start requesting them, it only takes a few months until you’re receiving 3-5 samples in your mailbox per week.   

Here are the samples I’ve signed up for this week:

I also wanted to share a little Q&A about free samples with you:

Q: I don’t want my email inbox overloaded with all of those emails – is there a way around that?
A: Yes.  I’m not a fan of getting all those emails either.  That is why I have a separate email account that I use when I sign up for coupons, newsletters, and free samples.

Q: Don’t those companies just sell your information?
A: A lot of the samples that I sign up for have terms and conditions that are available to read before I submit my request.  If I’m not comfortable providing my information to a particular company, then I simply don’t.  Some claim not to give your information to anyone and others claim to “share” your information with their affiliates.  I’ve been getting free samples for over a year now and I can say that my snail mailbox has not been overflowing with unsolicited mail.

Q: Why do you need such small quantities of products you don’t even use?
A: I have a shoebox that I put most of my samples in (a lot of free samples are food products!)  If I take a peek in there, I see a lot of skin and hair products in smaller quantities that are perfect for travelling with.  I can also say that I don’t typically request items that I’m not interested in using.  I will admit that I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair for free with top store brands for over a month just by using free samples I’ve requested.  And that is money in the bank!


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