Recipe: Refrigerator Pickles



So not only are zucchini coming out of our ears in our garden, but I hear that cucumbers seem to be following suit in my friends’ gardens.

I’ve always found cucumbers (that aren’t pickled in the dill-fashion) to be rather bland but refreshing all at the same time.  I’m not a huge fan of the giant cucumbers most common in the supermarkets because after I dig out all the watery seeds, there isn’t much left. 

I prefer the English Cucumber a.k.a. Seedless Cucumber (total misnomer.)  I slice them in half and then use a melon baller to remove all of the compact seeds.  This isn’t necessary for the recipe below but just a suggestion.

These refrigerator pickles are on the sweet side which are usually not my favorites, but I’ve been eating them as an accompaniment to summertime meals for as long as I can remember.

This recipe comes straight from my grandma’s old, green metal recipe box from the cabinet above her fridge.  Who knows how long she’s had it in her possession?  To be honest, I’m surprised it isn’t one of those recipes that grandma’s set to memory because it’s such an easy summertime side dish. 

Refrigerator Pickles

1 cup white vinegar

1 cup sugar

¾ cup water, lukewarm

1 large Seedless or Conventional Cucumber, seeded and sliced

½ yellow onion, slivered (optional)

Mix the vinegar, sugar, and water together until sugar is completely dissolved.

Add the cucumber and onion.  The cucumbers and onion can be above the level of the liquid a bit- you’ll find that the cucumbers will lose a lot of their moisture when they’re pickling.

Refrigerate for at least 24 hours – I prefer 48 hours.

Note: The great thing about this recipe is that once you’ve depleted the “pickles”, you can feed the vinegar/sugar base with more cucumbers and onions for a second batch.  I don’t do anymore than that because I feel like they start to lose their kick.

If you’re overrun by cucumbers, check out some of these recipes:

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Gazpacho (this will help use up your tomatoes and peppers too!)

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Thai Cucumber Lemonade (this looks way too interesting to pass up!)

Cucumber Watermelon Margaritas (obviously a good idea)

And if it appears by my selections that I have an Ina Garten obsession, it’s because I do.  She has fantastic recipes that never cease to amaze our taste buds.  Enjoy!


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