What’s on the Menu? 7/24-7/30


Somewhere during this busy, ridiculously hot month of July, my menu posting has gotten all out of whack.  It looks like I’m just posting a 1 week menu this time around – but I’m not shopping until next Saturday.  This probably looks like something I’ve already posted.  After losing 1/2 pound of italian sausage to negligence (forgetfulness by way of exhaustion is more accurate) and being too tired or hot to fire up the oven, we flip-flopped a few items. 

And here’s what’s on the menu:
Sun, 7/24: Pigs in a Blanket (with From-Scratch Crescent Dough)
Mon, 7/25: Polish Sausage with Saurkraut, Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Tues, 7/26: Bacon Turkey Cheeseburgers, Oven Fries with Kalamata Dip
Wed, 7/27: Leftover Night #1
Thurs, 7/28: Pizza Braid (We had to bake for 30 min.  This was a HUGE hit in our house!)
Fri, 7/29: Leftover Night #2
Sat, 7/30: Bombay Curry with Chicken, Potatoes, & Broccoli (Husband’s Meal)

I’m also making the following “extra” this weekend: Baby Whole Wheat Pancakes (for the baby!) to freeze and pull out as needed.  I made buttermilk pancakes last night, and he absolutely loved them.  We spread them with natural applesauce and some with yogurt.  I thought it would be great to have a bag of them frozen so I could pull them and microwave whenever we want them.


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