Destroyer of the To-Do List



A year ago, if you asked me if I were a procrastinator, I’d say that my procrastination days ended long ago…when I was 17…Thanksgiving weekend…when I thought the police would show up at my house…and drag me out…kicking and screaming.   What????

Oh yes, everything you read is correct. 

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving around 6 pm, and I decided to finally clean out my car.  When I got the the backseat, long after “normal business hours”, I discovered the speeding ticket that was due to be paid a week prior.  In a panic, I called the phone number at the bottom (the police department) to discover that there was no one I could talk to about it and yes, that meant that technically there was a warrant out for my arrest.

Cue the hyperventilation, adrenaline rush, and absolute and utter panic attack.

After this horrible incident I decided not to procrastinate ever…again.  Well, with anything serious.

So…when I look at my blog and see that I haven’t posted anything in a month, that forever-burned-in-my-brain panic creeps up, and I wonder, “Why can’t I just write a post?”

See that cute little boy in the picture?  His name is Avery, and HE is the reason.  And to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

These are just a few of the reasons I haven’t written in awhile:

Digging cat food out of his mouth, kissing his finger after his toy bit him, picking up all of the DVDs he’s removed from the shelf (again), collecting yards of toilet paper he’s decided to share with the rest of the house, sweeping up Cheerios and other partially chewed food he’s launched at the floor, pre-treating all of his clothes and their unidentifiable stains, washing his bottles, cutting his food into bite-sized pieces, changing yet another diaper, chasing him, wondering if and when he’ll ever stop 1) drooling and 2) putting EVERYTHING into his mouth….

This list is endless but the big picture it all creates is my cute and happy baby. 

So to all those babies out there who like to destroy your Mommy’s to-do lists, keep on destroying – we secretly love it.


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