Daily Archives: Tuesday, 08.30.11

Behold The Rice Cake Monster









Picture this.

It’s Saturday, and I’m dragging both my husband and Avery to grocery shop.  I know I could get it done faster if I went alone, but what fun would that be?

Avery’s bottle is due in 2.5 hours, so I obviously have TONS of time to get us all to the grocery store, get the shopping done, and make it back here in time for his you-better-not-be-late bottle. 

Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

We’re rounding the corner into the freezer section (I forgot breakfast and a frozen pizza for $2.67 sounded ideal), and then the kicking, fussing monster starts.  Holy hell, his bottle is 20 minutes overdue.  Yeah, my sense of time these days is um…not present.  I, of course, didn’t pack one because that would make it too easy.

Cue the rice cakes.  Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Avery would look at an apple cinnamon rice cake and then devour it like that crazy blue monster we all love so much.  I had tossed some in the cart at the start of the trip just to see if he’d take to them. 

While the groceries were being bagged, I forked over a rice cake and watched my little man look at the not-too-sweet disc and immediately start nibbling.  He ate the whole thing.  I was impressed.

Cookie Monster is awesome and all, but my Rice Cake Monster is the best.