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I ♥ Target: 34 Writing Utensils for 6 cents



It’s that time again.  I don’t have any school-age children, but I have fond memories of back-to-school shopping, and often look for deals on supplies that I can use or donate.  We didn’t start this early when I was a kid – our shopping trip was usually in August, about a week or so before the actual start of school.  If it would have been much earlier, we would have opened everything and used it just from sheer excitement.  We liked going back to school in my house Smile

Although it’s not fall, and I didn’t buy pencils, I can’t help but think of Tom Hanks’ character in You’ve Got Mail:

“Don’t you love New York in the fall?  It makes me wanna buy school supplies.  I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

– Joe Fox

I actually asked my husband if he could go snag this deal for me last night as I was suffering from a pretty nasty headache – let’s blame the heat that I didn’t go out in yesterday, shall we?

To my surprise, he agreed!  (I’m starting to think he likes to see the look on the cashier’s face when he hands them a stack of coupons that drastically lowers the total.) 

After only 1 phone call to verify a few things, he was headed to the check-out with this deal:


Paper Mate Eagle Ball Point Pens (10 pack) – $1.02

Used 3 $1/1 off Target coupons (Under “Stationary & Holiday”)

Paid 2 cents each, 6 cents total

Sharpie Fine-Tip Markers (2 pack) – $1

Used 2 $1/1 off Target coupons (Under “Stationary & Holiday”)


Grand total after tax (which was too small to add I’m guessing): 6 cents

They may not be newly sharpened pencils, and it may not be fall just yet, but I’m stocked up on pens and Sharpies for mere pennies!


[Expired] Deal: Free Father’s Day Photo Collage



Need a personalized Father’s Day Gift?

Walgreens is offering a FREE 8 x 10 Photo Collage through Saturday, June 18. Just enter 1FREEBIE in the Promo Code Field upon check out.  You can pick up your collage at any Walgreens Photo Lab. 

I’ve ordered a photo collage from Walgreens in the past and was pleased with the quality. 

Thanks to Passion for Savings for the great tip!

Couponing: Hotdog Extravaganza for under $16


Summer is here whether it’s official or not. We like to grill even when the temps are blazing outside, and I am personally a fan of grilled hotdogs. My preference is turkey franks, specifically from Oscar Mayer. So when I saw the Schnucks ad this week with Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks for only $1 a pack, I couldn’t resist this deal…

We broke this deal into 2 transactions so that I could use a “$5 off your next Shopping Trip” coupon on my hotdogs and because my husband likes his cereal. And he was helping me out this afternoon, so he took the first transaction.

Here is how I got 40 packs of Oscar Mayer franks for under $16:

Transaction 1:
5 boxes of assorted Post cereals – $1.88 each

Schnucks is running a special this week:
Buy (5) Select Varieties of Post Cereals and get $5 Catalina off your next in store purchase

Received $5 coupon off my next in store purchase

Paid $9.82 out-of-pocket with tax

Transaction 2:
Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks (Original, Cheese, & Bun Length) x 40 – $40 less 20 $1/2 coupons = $20.00

USED $5 off coupon from Transaction 1

Paid $15.89 out-of-pocket with tax

Total Paid Out-of-Pocket with tax: $25.71

According to my receipts, I saved a total of $128.85. That includes advertised sale prices and manufacturers’ coupons.

We now have a deep freezer full of yummy turkey franks that will last us for the next year. It might sound crazy, but it was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

I’d love to hear how you saved money with couponing this week!


Standard hosts coupon codes for discounts and free shipping, printable coupons, and news of current deals for over 90,000 retailers.

This is my go-to site when I’m looking for an online coupon code for an extra discount or free shipping.  I give the database a quick check anytime I’m ordering anything from an online retailer – just in case.  I’ve scored free shipping, additional %’s off my total, and sometimes both. 

It’s super simple layout makes it quick and easy to snag a deal.  You simply go to their website, enter your retailer, and then scroll through the list of available discount codes and printable coupons. 

What I love about this site is that users actually get to tell you whether or not the coupon was successful for them.  Each coupon has a % rating, so an 85% success rate lets you know that 85 out of 100 people that attempted to use the coupon were successful. 

Each retail vendor’s coupon code page also has a bright red heart at the top letting you know how much the average savings are per coupon – Love it!

They also have interesting articles on their online magazine called The Retail Me Not Insider.  I recently found an article titled “Bad Buys, Good Buys: Five overpriced items for kids and what you can buy in their place” that I found very interesting.

If you’d like a weekly email that fills you in on the top coupons, you can sign up for their newsletter.  I didn’t choose this option, but if you shop online a lot, it might be worth your time.

Here are some of my favorites retailers and their current discount codes:

So if you’re an online shopper, check out and save some of your hard-earned cash!

Couponing: Smart


I’ve recently been compiling a list of reliable internet sites that fill me in on printable and online coupons.  I stumbled upon Smart whose tagline, “Full Price Me No More”, says it all. 

This personal blog is composed of several posts that are made daily relaying online and in-store deals, printable coupons, and free samples.  There are also links that match up deals for CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and Publix stores.

I don’t often visit the actual blog but instead just pop in on Facebook for a briefing on the day’s daily sales and freebies.  When I do have a free second to visit the site, I find that the Coupon Database is extremely helpful when looking for coupons.   

Just this week, the following deals have been announced:

FREE Shout Color Catcher Sample

Fazoli’s: $2 off a $5 Purchase Printable Coupon

Redbox Movie Rental Deals via Text     (This is an awesome promotion – I just got a free rental code today!)

These are just a few of the deals that I’m digging right now from Smart Couponing.  Check it out!

I ♥ Walgreens: 10 Items for Under $10



I picked up a paper yesterday while doing my bi-monthly shopping trip and was astounded by how many 1) inserts there are this week and 2) how many great match-ups that Walgreens has.  I sat down after the baby was in bed and planned my shopping trip for maximum savings.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with “Register Rewards” from Walgreens, they are coupons that print out at the register for money off your next purchase.  

Here is how I got 10 items for under $10:

Transaction 1:
4 pk. BIC Soleil Razors – $5.99 less $3 off coupon (this week’s paper) = $2.99
4 pk. Noxzema Razors – $3.99 less $2 off coupon (this week’s paper) = $1.99

Received $2 in Register Rewards for BIC Razors
Received $3 in Register Rewards for Noxzema Razors

Paid $5.36 out-of-pocket with tax

Transaction 2:
Right Guard Total Defense 5 Deodorant x 2 – $2.99 each less Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupon (this week’s paper) = $2.99
Colgate 360 Toothbrushes x 2 – $2.50 each less 2 $1 off coupons (All You April & May editions) = $3.00
3M Transparent Scotch Tape – $1.49 less in-ad $1.10 off coupon = $0.39

Received $2 in Register Rewards for Right Guard
Received $1 in Register Rewards for Colgate Toothbrushes

USED $5 in Register Rewards from Transaction 1

Paid $1.45 out-of-pocket with tax

Transaction 3:
3M Transparent Scotch Tape x 2 – $2.98 less in-ad $2.20 off coupon = $0.78
Walgreens Diapers Jumbo Pack – $5.99 less Walgreens Infant Care $2 off coupon = $3.99

USED $3 in Register Rewards from Transaction 2

Paid $1.90 out-of-pocket with tax

Total Paid Out of Pocket with tax: $8.71

According to my receipts, I saved a total of $35.27.  That includes advertised sale prices, in-ad coupons, and manufacturers’ coupons.

I added to my stockpile of personal and baby goods and was even able to replace a few things I donated to the Girls Scouts April Showers drive a few weeks ago. 

I’d love to hear how you saved money this week!

e-Guide to Grocery Ads


So as I’ve mentioned before, my family recycles.  Our city has an excellent recycling program that takes everything from plastic containers to car batteries.  I’ve also mentioned that mail-related clutter is the enemy in my house and when I’ve looked at the grocery ads for the week, they promptly go in the recycling bin. 

Last week I made the mistake of throwing them out a bit too early and when my husband took out the trash and recycling, my ads went too.  Soooo…I started doing some poking around online and discovered that I can view all the ads very easily on the grocer’s websites. 

I figured that this is a back-up option for the furture, but it may be an easier option all together for other shoppers looking for a deal.  So here are the links I found most useful:

I’ve also discovered that a lot of these stores allow you to sign-up for “Sneak Peak” emails that give you a look at the next week’s ad for some early planning.